Save Money On Your Electricity Bill Every Month

Gas Geysers

Geyser range is measured on how much hot water is being pushed out per minute. A typical shower or bath tap opened fully will release 10 to 12 liters per minute. A typical installation costs around R5000, if the plumbing from your old geyser is still available for use and gas line installation.

Give us a call and you can save between R500 and R1000 per month, depending on your current bill, or approximately 60% of your current usage.

  • 8 liter  (Small basin)
  • 10 liter 
  • 12 liter  (Basin)
  • 16 liter  (Shower/bath)
  • 20 liter  (2x Shower or bath)

Gas Stoves

  • 4 Plate from
  • 6 Plate from
  • 9 Exchanges
  • 19 Exchanges
  • 48 Exchanges